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98: Increasing Sales Efficiency Ratio (w/ Referral Rock)

In this episode, John Bonini chats with Josh Ho (founder and CEO of Referral Rock) to hear how they improved their “Sales Efficiency Ratio” : the ratio of sales that were generated through salespeople vs non-salespeople.

97: Increasing Free Trial to Customer Conversion to 70% (w/ CallRail)

In this episode, Jason Rozenblat (VP of Strategic Accounts) shares how CallRail grew Free Trial to Customer Conversion %: the percentage of total users who begin a free trial and end up becoming paid customers.

96: Improving Website Conversion Rate by 6% (w/ Help Scout)

In this episode John Bonini chats with Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at Help Scout, to learn how they grew their website conversion rate, and why that metric became a priority for the team. You'll learn: - How the Help Scout executive team sets annual goals - How the marketing team identifies where to invest their time and money - How improving the website conversion rate became a priority - How they grew website conversions by 6% and demo requests by 56% And loads more.

95: How KlientBoost’s Improved Customer Engagement and Retention with a Unique Approach to Setting Client Goals

In this episode of Metrics & Chill, KlientBoost’s founder, Jonathan Dane joins the show to talk about how identifying and improving one metric helped boost customer engagement, customer retention, productivity, employee happiness, and so much more.

94: From 3 Hours to Just 17 Minutes: How Databox Reduced Customer Service Response Time in One Week

In this episode of Metrics & Chill podcast, find out how Databox reduced median first response time from more than 3 hours to just 17 minutes. Learn what the team did, how they did it, and measures that have been implemented to ensure this success is long-term and sustainable.

93: Google’s Page Experience Update: How to Better Prepare Your Agency and Clients According to Pepperland Marketing

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, Sean Henri, Founder and CEO at Pepperland marketing, shares the latest Google Page Experience update details, including how his agency prepared themselves and their clients and the changes they implemented.

92: How Powered by Search Increased Sales Qualified Leads by 142% Quarter-Over-Quarter

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, Mark Thomas, Head of Growth at Powered by Search, walked us through how he, as the only marketing hire, drove the strategy that led to an increase in Sales Qualified Leads by 142% quarter-over-quarter.

91: How Sweet Fish Media Reduced Revenue Churn Rate by 12% in 12 Months

In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, Logan Lyles, VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media, talked about how they lowered revenue churn from 15% to 3% in 12 months despite the pandemic.

90: How the Weidert Group Improved Goal Conversion Rates for a Client by 77% (Year-Over-Year)

Jonathan Stanis, Director of User Experience, and Frank Isca, a strategist at Weidert Group, joined John Bonini on an episode of the Metrics and Chill podcast to discuss how they improved one key metric for their client: Goal conversion rate.

89: How Seventh Sense Improved their Active Audience Rate by 17%

In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, Mike Donnelly, founder and CEO at Seventh Sense, talked about the right way to measure and improve one important email marketing metric: active audience with email.

88: How Virayo Marketing Improved Trial Signups by 70% for a Client

Recently, Robbie Richards, director of SEO at Virayo Marketing sat down with John Bonini for an episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast. Richards discussed how they helped a client generate quality traffic that converts--yielding an increase in trial signups by 70%.

87: How RevenueZen Uses LinkedIn to Generate a Third of Agency’s Sales Pipeline and Revenue

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, Alex Boyd, CEO of RevenueZen, explained how one personal LinkedIn account contributes a huge chunk of the agency’s sales pipeline and revenue.

86: How Zapier Grew Signups and Activations from the Blog by 400% in 1 Year

In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, Stephanie Donily, Head of Content & Communications at Zapier, shared how they turned a successful blog into a full-funnel conversion driver.

85: How ProductLed Used Activation to Boost MRR for a Client by 20%

In this episode of Metrics & Chill, Ramli John, Manager Director at ProductLed, talked about how the company took advantage of one often overlooked metric to increase MRR for clients - activation.

84: How ProfitWell Grew Revenue Per Customer by 400% in 12 Months

In this episode of Metrics & Chill, learn how Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO of ProfitWell grows one metric that’s crucial for both them and their customers: revenue per customer.

83: How WalkerBots Content Studios Cuts Time to Conversion In Half By Increasing Return Visitor Rate

In this episode of Metrics & Chill, Tommy Walker, founder of WalkerBots Content Studios, talked about how they approach one often overlooked metric they believe is crucial for content marketing success: Return visitors.

82: How ClearPivot Grew Targeted Organic Traffic from SaaS Companies from 0 to 1.6k Monthly Visits

In this episode on Metrics & Chill podcast, Chris Strom—founder and Principal at ClearPivot—sat down with John Bonini and walked him through how ClearPivot took a strategic approach to grow organic search traffic around a pretty competitive niche: SaaS marketing.

81: How Lone Fir Creative Turns Copy Into Conversions for Their Clients

In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, John Bonini talked with Tyler Pigott of Lone Fir Creative, a digital and inbound marketing agency focused on driving conversions through copy. As founder, Tyler let John in on how the words-first agency turns brand messaging into higher conversions.

80: How Unstack Reduced Involuntary Churn by More Than 50%

Chris Cardone, Customer Success Lead at Unstack, talked with John Bonini on an episode of the Metrics and Chill podcast. Chris shared how Unstack approaches one key metric that’s crucial for SaaS businesses: Churn.

79: How CoSchedule Increased Trials and Product Signups from Content by 30%

In this episode of Metrics & Chill, John Bonini talked with Ben Sailer, Inbound Marketing Director at CoSchedule, about how the team at CoSchedule refocused their content strategy on driving trials and product signups, instead of just traffic.

78: How Jasz Rae Digital Generates MQLs for High-Dollar Clients

In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, John Bonini caught up with Jasz Joseph, founder and Digital Marketing Strategist at Jasz Rae Digital. Jasz and John talked about how Jasz’s agency has brought the inbound methodology to clients that sell big enterprise deals.

77: How Nextiny Turns Video Into Leads and Sales

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, John Bonini sat down with Gabe Marguglio, founder and CEO at Nextiny. Gabe and John talked about how the team at Nextiny has turned video marketing into a lead generation powerhouse.

76: How Growth Machine Turns Podcasts Into Conversions

Recently, John Bonini connected with Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing at Growth Machine, for an episode of our Metrics & Chill podcast. Amanda told John all about how they’ve turned a notoriously hard to attribute marketing channel into a conversion and sales engagement producing engine.

75: How Bonjoro Doubled Trial Conversions with Personalized Video

As Head of Growth, Casey shared how Bonjoro approached one key metric in particular: trial conversions. A software app for sending personalized video emails to onboard new customers and clients, Bonjoro took a page out of their own playbook by using personalized onboarding videos to boost trial user engagement early on.

74: JD Sherman / HubSpot's COO On How Its Mission Has Inspired Growth Through The Years

JD Sherman, HubSpot's COO for the past 8 years, joined the podcast a few weeks ahead of his announcement that he will be leaving HubSpot in July of '21. Here, he talks about his working relationship with CEO Brian Halligan, how HubSpot's leadership team approaches strategy and planning, and how that translates to various teams and departments, HubSpot's decision to go wide as a platform rather than deep and upmarket as an automation tool, and much more.

73: Patrick Shea / How HubSpot Built A Community of Thriving Partners & What SMBs Can Learn from Enterprise (& Vice Versa)

An old friend Patrick Shea joins the pod to discuss the early days of HubSpot's partner program, how they went about building a powerful and thriving partner community, his transition to enterprise and what SMB marketers can learn from the enterprise playbook (and vice versa) and much more.

72: John & Pete / How Databox Uses Live Chat For Sales & Support (& Why It Took So Long To Roll It Out)

Today Pete Caputa joins the podcast to talk about how Databox is leveraging live chat + email in both the sales and support functions, how the approach differs from the traditional sales approach, and why it took Databox so long to roll it out (thoughtfully) over the last year.

71: April Dunford / Product Positioning Has a Positioning Problem––Here's How to Solve It

April Dunford joins the podcast to discuss her surprise (at least to her) hit book, Obviously Awesome. On this episode, we dig into some of the core product positioning lessons that April discusses in the book and coaches clients on, including: - How to tell if you have weak positioning - Where positioning should fall on a marketer's/executive's priority list - How the approach to positioning changes depending on the stage of your company - The 10-step process for defining your positioning, and... - The most important positioning lessons that April has learned throughout her career Enjoy.

70: Benji Hyam / Inside Grow & Convert's Content Marketing Framework for Growing Traffic, Leads, & Sales Through Content

Benji Hyam shares his experience running content marketing for a few companies in San Francisco and how that inspired him to start 2 companies––Wordable and Grow and Convert. The latter, a content marketing agency he's run for over 4 years, takes a unique approach to offering services around content marketing. Hear about their 4-step content framework for getting client's results no matter the industry.

69: Lindsay Tjepkema / Will Casted Become The HubSpot for Podcasts? Inside the First Podcast Platform for B2B

On this episode, Casted CEO and cofounder Lindsay Tjepkema joins the show to talk about its recent public launch and round of funding, how the company is growing and what's been working so far, and why genuine and helpful conversations are the next big thing for B2B brands to leverage as a driver for growth.

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