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119: Setting Marketing KPIs & Goals (w/ Kristina Simonson, Privy)

Learn the framework Kristina Simonson is using to structure the marketing functions, mission statements, and KPIs at Privy.

118: [Replay] Doubling Trial Conversions w/ Personalized Video (w/ Casey Hill, Bonjoro)

Learn how Casey Hill, Head of Growth at Bonjorno, used personalized video to 2x trial conversion signup.

117: Sourcing 50% of Deals via Outbound (w/ Dee Acosta, Metadata)

Learn how Dee Acosta sourced 50% of all his deals via outbound, and his approach to differentiation, cold outreach, and more.

116: Driving 83 G2 Reviews (w/ Nick Bennett, Alyce)

Learn how Nick Bennett drove 83 G2 reviews in 1 quarter, in order to drive signups, improve retention, build social proof and tons more.

115: Increasing Signups By 30% (w/ Rand Fishkin, SparkToro)

Learn how Rand Fishkin and the team at SparkToro thinks about the value of so-called "vanity metrics", and uses zero-click content to build their social following and ...

114: Increasing MRR by 10x (w/ Asia Orangio, DemandMaven)

Learn how Asia Orangio (CEO & Founder of DemandMaven) helped a client increase their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by 10x.

113: Growing Customers & Revenue (w/ Tim Soulo, Ahrefs)

Learn how Tim Soulo (CMO at Ahrefs) thinks about setting goals, measuring (or not measuring) KPIs, and using content to drive customers and revenue in a largely unmeas...

112: Increasing ABM Account Engagement by 50% (w/ Peter Zawistowicz, Pace)

Learn how Peter Zawistowicz increased Gremlin's engagement among targeted accounts by over 50% in 1 quarter.

111: Increasing Inbound to MQL Conversion by 20% (w/ AJ Alonzo, demandDrive)

Learn how AJ Alonzo (Director of Marketing at demandDrive) improved their inbound lead to marketing qualified lead (MQL) percentage by over 20%.

110: Growing Organic Visitors by 299% (w/ Emilia Korczynska, Userpilot)

Learn how Emilia Korczynska (Head of Marketing at UserPilot) grew organic visitors by 299% & conversions from organic content by 59%.

109: Driving 3,500 Paid Accounts Through a Virtual Event (w/ Anna Tutckaia, ManyChat)

Learn how Anna Tutckaia, Head of Marketing at ManyChat, ran a virtual event that drove 26k signups and 3,500 new paid accounts.

108: Improving Scaled to Productivity (w/ Amanda Ono, Resolver)

Learn how Amanda Ono of Resolver improved Scaled to Productivity: the time it takes new hires to onboard, go through training, and be successful at their role, driving...

107: Driving Inbound Sales Accepted Opportunities (SAO's) in 3 Steps (w/ MJ Peters, CoLab)

MJ Peters, VP of Marketing at CoLab, shares the 3 levers she pulls to drive inbound SAOs.

106: Growing Organic Traffic to the Blog (w/ Fara Rosenzweig, WorkRamp)

Learn how Fara Rosenzweig (Head of Content at WorkRamp) grew Organic Traffic to the Workramp Blog, resulting in 77% increase in new blog traffic QOQ.

105: Growing Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate by 49%

Learn how Jonathan Bland (Co-Founder, Omni Lab Consulting) grew a client's Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate from 25% to 74%.

104: Growing Inbound Leads by 50% (w/ Brad Hoos, The Outloud Group)

Learn how The Outloud Group, an influencer marketing agency, took steps to grow their inbound leads by 50%.

103: Gaining 1,200 New MQLs via Virtual Events (w/ Ollie Whitfield, VanillaSoft)

Learn how Ollie Whitfield and his team at VanillaSoft drove 1,200 new MQLs through a month-long virtual event.

102: Generating SQLs via LinkedIn Ads (w/ Gabriel Ehrlich, Remotion)

Learn how to drive high intent SQLs through LinkedIn ads, from Remotion's CEO: Gabriel Ehrlich.

101: Driving 70% of Qualified Pipeline via Inbound (w/ Pete Lorenco, Alyce)

Pete Lorenco (Head of Marketing at Alyce) shares the framework he used to drive 70% of total qualified pipeline via inbound sources, mostly through the website.

100: Doubling Free-to-Paid Conversion Rate (w/ Amanda Natividad, SparkToro)

In this episode, you'll learn how Amanda Natividad (VP of Marketing at SparkToro) doubled their free-to-paid conversion rate in 4 months.

99: Growing HIRO Pipeline by 76% (w/ Chris Walker, Refine Labs)

Learn how Chris Walker and the Refine Labs team grow High Intent Revenue Opportunity (HIRO) Pipeline by 76% on average, for clients.

98: Increasing Sales Efficiency Ratio (w/ Josh Ho, Referral Rock)

In this episode, John Bonini chats with Josh Ho (founder and CEO of Referral Rock) to hear how they improved their “Sales Efficiency Ratio” : the ratio of sales that w...

97: Increasing Free Trial to Customer Conversion to 70% (w/ Jason Rozenblat, CallRail)

In this episode, Jason Rozenblat (VP of Strategic Accounts) shares how CallRail grew Free Trial to Customer Conversion %: the percentage of total users who begin a fre...

96: Improving Website Conversion Rate by 6% (w/ Adam Goyette, Help Scout)

In this episode John Bonini chats with Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at Help Scout, to learn how they grew their website conversion rate, and why that metric became a ...

95: Increasing % of Client Goals Achieved (w/ Jonathan Dane, KlientBoost)

In this episode of Metrics & Chill, KlientBoost’s founder, Jonathan Dane joins the show to talk about how identifying and improving one metric helped boost custome...

94: Reducing Customer Service Response Time by 90% (w/ Databox)

In this episode of Metrics & Chill podcast, find out how Databox reduced median first response time from more than 3 hours to just 17 minutes. Learn what the team ...

93: Google’s Page Experience Update: How to Better Prepare Your Agency and Clients According to Pepperland Marketing

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, Sean Henri, Founder and CEO at Pepperland marketing, shares the latest Google Page Experience update details, including how his a...

92: Increasing SQLs by 142% (w/ Marc Thomas, Powered by Search)

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, Mark Thomas, Head of Growth at Powered by Search, walked us through how he, as the only marketing hire, drove the strategy that l...

91: Reducing Revenue Churn Rate by 12% (w/ Logan Lyles, Sweet Fish Media)

In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, Logan Lyles, VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media, talked about how they lowered revenue churn from 15% to...

90: Improving Clients' Goal Conversion Rates 77% (w/ Frank Isca, the Weidert Group)

Jonathan Stanis, Director of User Experience, and Frank Isca, a strategist at Weidert Group, joined John Bonini on an episode of the Metrics and Chill podcast to discu...

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